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Thành viên nhút nhát

Thành viên nhút nhát
Diễn đàn nhà báo trẻ: Discover your future study destination with the UTS Virtual Open Day 23446_uts_international-virtual-open-dayDiễn đàn nhà báo trẻ: Discover your future study destination with the UTS Virtual Open Day 23446_uts_building

Current social distancing requirements don’t have to stop the interested global generation from enjoying a taste of life. In reverse, these are chances to use “flat” technology tools to contact with “flat” world. Known as Australia’s number one young university, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) once again showing their accompany mission through the UTS International Virtual Open Week in Vietnam.
Being held in May is an exciting online event that will include live presentations and question and answer sessions to help future students get prepared and make plans. Prospective students and their parents can interact with recruitment staff, student ambassadors and faculty representatives to learn about UTS courses, student services, and resources and student life.
What are the admission requirements? What to do if you do not meet the entry requirements? What majors included? How to know which majors are suitable for you or not? Does UTS have the scholarships? What preparations should be made to integrate with the new environment?
Peter Harris, Chief Officer Partnerships and Growth for UTS Insearch says, “Don’t be so worry because the seminar will satisfy all questions. Our diverse programs help students gain the skills, knowledge, and attributes needed to thrive at university and beyond.”
‘Pathways to UTS’ panel session
Live online from Monday 25 to Friday 29 May 2020 with many different discussion topics, one of the most insightful pre-recorded information panel is Pathways to UTS, start at 3pm ICT (Vietnam time) or 6pm AEST (Sydney time) on Wednesday 27 May 2020.
This is an opportunity to learn more about English Language programs, UTS Foundation Studies, Diploma courses, and more. The session will share information about the extensive support that helps UTS Insearch students succeed in their studies and the high-quality remote learning structure currently in place due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Students can learn about the immediate opportunity to commence their studies in Semester 2, commencing 22 June 2020, whether they’re in Sydney, or in another country.
The Pathways to UTS session will cover three key areas:

  • A UTS Insearch program overview – including academic insights and support, presented by Jason West, Director of Studies, ELT and Janet Gibson, Program Manager, Communication.

  • Student stories – current students and graduates share their experiences of studying at UTS Insearch, insights about living in Sydney, and helpful tips for future students.

  • General information on how to apply at UTS Insearch.

The session will be followed by a live question and answer time. This is a chance to chat online with UTS Insearch’s Aline Chiron, Onshore Partner Manager, Olivia Barnes, Onshore Region Head, and Jason West, Director of Studies, ELT to find out more about the pathway programs.
Jason West says, “I warmly encourage international students – whether they have already arrived in Australia or are located elsewhere in the world – to participate in this event. Our highly-regarded English Language programs have assisted many students from all over the world to develop their language and academic literacy for success at an English-speaking university. We look forward to showcasing how our programs help students become confident communicators to prepare for UTS and future careers.”
Registrations for the UTS International Virtual Open Day are now open.
Find out more: www.insearch.edu.au/about/events/uts-international-virtual-open-day

ABOUT UTS and UTS Insearch
The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a dynamic and innovative university based in the heart of Sydney. It is Australia’s top-ranking young university in the 2020 QS Top 50 under 50 and ranks 140th in the world overall – reflecting its strengths in employability, research, teaching, and internationalization.
Many students choose to go to the University of Technology Sydney by enrolling in UTS Insearch where they develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed in their university study and beyond.
Students can select from a range of academic programs at UTS Insearch, and then fast-track into their second year of study at UTS, depending on their grades and course chosen.

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