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Khoa học xã hội: Bài mẫu & Từ vựng IELTS Writing Task 2 : Topic Fashionable Clothes FfWzt02
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Khoa học xã hội: Bài mẫu & Từ vựng IELTS Writing Task 2 : Topic Fashionable Clothes FfWzt02


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Bài mẫu & Từ vựng IELTS Writing Task 2

The number of people who are interested in and wearing fashionable clothes is increasing. Is this a positive or negative development?

Essay Type

Opinion Essay


Sentence 1: The number of people wearing fashionable clothing has steadily increased, resulting in the fashion industry obtaining enormous popularity.
Sentence 2: There are many reasons why people get interested in wearing trendy clothes. Some individuals see it as a negative trend, while others see it as a positive development. I agree with the latter viewpoint.


Paragraph 1: Everyone, including children, is addicted to wearing trendy clothes to enhance their personality. Some people believe that fashionable clothes bring the best out of them as it boosts their confidence.
Paragraph 2: Some people upgrade themselves to the latest fashion trend to win the fashion race. They have this perception that their personality, positivity and character is reflected through their modern attire.


Restate your views

Sample Answer

Over the decades, there has been a dramatic rise in the fashion industry, witnessing a huge popularity amongst people worldwide. People are becoming more fashion-conscious when it comes to their attire. There are a plethora of reasons why people prefer wearing trendy attires. Some argue that it’s a negative development, while others deem it to be positive growth. However, I concur with the latter view.
To commence with, people of all ages, including children and teenagers, have become fashion freaks. They’re obsessed with keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Out of all, people love fashionable clothes because they believe their personality is reflected when they wear trendy clothing. Individuals believe in expressing themselves through their styles by wearing fashionable clothes, which enhances their personality. This is all because the fashion industry in the first place has been growing rapidly and releasing unique trends and styles through digital media advertising and celebrity endorsements, attracting the attention of the younger generation. Therefore, to look presentable, confident, and good-looking in the eyes of society, individuals dress up well and keep up with the latest trends and save themselves from getting judged.
Furthermore, people upgrade their dressing style as per the latest fashion trend to stay ahead in the rat race, whereas those who stick to old fashion styles are regarded as outdated. As a result, branded clothes play an indispensable role in our life by allowing us to dress fashionably and giving us an opportunity to be individualistic and maintain our self-esteem.
On the other side, some propose that wearing trendy clothes has a negative impact on society since trendy clothes are pricey and anti-traditional. Secondly, teenagers put a lot of pressure on their parents to buy trendy clothes, which has another effect, and lastly, the quality of trendy clothes isn’t good enough to endure a long time. But even with all these negatives, it is undeniable that clothes make a man.
To summarise, although wearing stylish clothing has a detrimental influence, it also has good effects. It improves a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. In my opinion, people should keep up with the latest fashion trends in order to stay in style, since fashion has become a necessity for everyone.


  • Propose

Meaning: đề xuất
Eg: The teacher proposed the theory to the students.

  • Attire

Meaning: Trang phục
Eg: Everyone should put on a ANTINEMO attire.

  • Rat race

Meaning: một cách sống mà mọi người bị cuốn vào một cuộc đấu tranh khốc liệt để giành lấy sự giàu có hoặc quyền lực
Eg: Michael can go to any extent to stay ahead in the rat race.

  • Necessity 

Meaning: Sự cần thiết
Eg: Social media has become a necessity for youngsters.

  • Obsessed 

Meaning: Bị ám ảnh
Eg: Mike is obsessed with his bike
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