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Khoa học xã hội: IELTS General Traning - Topic Fast Food’s Effect on Lifestyle and Diet FfWzt02
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Khoa học xã hội: IELTS General Traning - Topic Fast Food’s Effect on Lifestyle and Diet FfWzt02


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Bài viết mẫu chủ đềFast Food’s Effect on Lifestyle and Diet

Question: Fast food has become more common in recent years. Some people think that it has a negative effect on lifestyles and diets. Do you agree or disagree?
Many individuals feel that the widespread proliferation of fast food negatively impacts both lifestyles and eating habitsI am in complete agreement.
Firstlyas a result of fast food consumption, lifestyles are more passiveBefore such restaurants, it was more common for consumers to buy raw ingredients and prepare nutritious meals at home. This occurs less often now as fast food offers cheapquick alternativeOver time, this can lead to worsening cooking skills and a generally more lethargic lifestyle predicated around ordering meals and watching TV shows and movies. Moreover, the ingredients in fast food are often empty calories that do not provide the vitamins and minerals necessary to support an active lifestyle. A person who eats McDonald’s and KFC most days is more likely to lack energy and be unproductive.
Secondly, fast food is one of the least healthy possible additions to an individual’s diet. Healthy foods tend to be fresh fruits and vegetables and fast food consists largely of preservatives, chemicals and addictive fat, sugars and carbohydrates. Even eating a single fast-food meal a day has been shown in numerous independent research studies to increase the risk of diseases ranging from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to cancer and obesity. Fast food companies have recognized this themselves and now offer healthy alternatives such as mini-salads to appeal to an increasingly health-conscious public.
In conclusion, the evidence for the negative impact of fast foods is nearly irrefutable as it encourages a more sedentary lifestyle and is high in harmful fats and sugars. Whenever possible, individuals should resist the immediate gratification of fast food.

Từ vựng chủ đề Fast Food’s Effect on Lifestyle and Diet

  • widespread proliferation more and more common
  • fast food: KFC, McDonald’s, Lotteria, etc.
  • negatively impacts: hurts a lot
  • lifestyles: the way that people life
  • eating habit:s diets
  • I am in complete agreement: I 100% agree
  • firstly: the first point is that
  • as a result of: the leads to
  • consumption: eating
  • passive: not active
  • before such restaurants: priorly these establishments
  • common: happens a lot
  • raw ingredients: not yet cooked
  • prepare nutritious meals: make healthy foods
  • at home: in the house
  • occurs: happens
  • offers: makes available
  • cheap: inexpensive
  • quick alternative: fast other option
  • overtime: over a period of time
  • lead to: causes
  • worsening: getting worse
  • cooking skills: how good you are at cooking
  • generally: overall
  • lethargic: lazy, passive
  • predicated around: focused on
  • ordering meals: getting food delivered
  • moreover: also

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