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Khoa học xã hội: Từ vựng và bài mẫu IELTS Writing: Employee Dress Code FfWzt02
Diễn đàn Tuổi trẻ Việt Nam | 2TVN Forum
Khoa học xã hội: Từ vựng và bài mẫu IELTS Writing: Employee Dress Code FfWzt02


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IELTS Essay Topic Employee Dress Code

Sample Writing

Question: Some people think employers should not care about the way their employees dress, but the quality at work. To what extent you agree or disagree?
Many are of the belief that corporations should prioritize quality work over appropriate workplace attire. In my opinion, there are limits to this sentimenthowever, it is largely justified as other areas are more crucial to success.
Those in favor of a strict dress code argue that it fosters professionalismAppearance is important not only for clients and customers but also workers themselves. An employee who dresses well for work is similar to an actor preparing for a performance. The appearance of professionalism is likely engender the same level of diligence to their work. This becomes part of a cycle as customers notice the attention to detail and workers  become aware they are essentially performing. The best illustration of this is professions that require uniforms, such as doctors and police officers, and thus fully embody their public role.
However, the quality of the work itself is paramountIn recent years, corporations have relaxed dress codes in recognition of this fact. For example, many technology companies in Silicon Valley including Facebook and Google are famous for a more casual approach to attire. This policy begins with the CEOs and executives who eschew traditional suits for jeans, normal shirts, and comfortable shoes. This signals that the success of a company depends more on the output of their work. An employee at such a company who dresses well but cannot code or contribute meaningfully to a high-achieving team is in fact hindrance to success. The focus on inner qualities and capabilities is reflective of an broader social shift that places less value on factors extrinsic to true achievement.
In conclusion, the minor benefits of dress codes for professionalism are outweighed by the recognition of the importance of real work. Companies should therefore strive to uphold values with tangible impact.


  • are of the belief: think
  • corporations: companies
  • prioritize quality work: value more how good the work is
  • appropriate workplace attire: professional clothes for work
  • limits: boundaries
  • sentiment: feeling
  • however: but
  • largely justified: mostly give reason for
  • more crucial to success: more important to achievement
  • in favor of: preferring
  • strict dress code: very limited options to wear to work
  • argue: point out
  • fosters professionalism: creates better work
  • appearance: look on the outside
  • clients: customers
  • customers: clients
  • dresses well: wears professional clothes
  • similar: the same
  • actor preparing: person in a show getting ready
  • performance: starring in a show
  • engender: create
  • same level of diligence: similar amount of professionalism
  • part: piece
  • cycle: back and forth circle
  • notice: realize
  • attention to detail: diligence
  • aware: know about
  • essentially performing: basically showing off
  • best illustration: clearest example
  • require uniforms: need clothes

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