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Thành viên nhút nhát

Thành viên nhút nhát
In the past 5 days, academics, marketing and student recruitment staff from six countries are visiting Ho Chi Minh City to participate in three major events with the purpose to help Vietnamese students explore the career path with the 4.0 industrial revolution.
The event hosted by UTS Insearch, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) also is a chance for marketing and student recruitment staff experience and interact with Vietnamese education and students with a realistic and closer look. Since then providing the most appropriate training policies, strategies for Vietnamese students.

The events include:
Career Path Discovery Workshop held on 2nd November 2019
Directors of Studies Summit for UTS English language programs held on 6-7 November 2019
Staff Development Forum held on 3-4 November 2019

“With its rapidly transforming digital economy under Industry 4.0, its convenient South-East Asia location, along with a growing demand for well-qualified talent Vietnam is an obvious choice to host these special events,” says Peter Harris, Chief Business Development Officer at UTS Insearch.
“Vietnam is also home to ACET (Australian Centre for Education and Training), UTS Insearch’s highly experienced local education partner. ACET delivers UTS Insearch’s Academic English courses and has been developing its high-quality English programs in Vietnam for more than 15 years.
These events are also an opportunity to showcase ACET’s success and share its unique experience with our education partners from countries such as China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.
With our rapidly expanding transitional education footprint, experienced partners such as ACET are working with us in accelerating knowledge transfer by sharing what is working well with others.”
 says Mr Harris.

Career Path Discovery Workshop
The first event, held on 2 November, is a Career Path Discovery Workshop for high school students.
Based on self-understanding and exploration of six groups of career characteristics, participants identified key factors in finding their most suitable career path. Students discovered the skill sets they need to best prepare themselves for future opportunities. Students and parents were updated on invaluable information about employment demand in South Vietnam, and expert insights into the latest in educational programs to prepare for their careers.
Ms Phuoc Tran, Regional Partnership Manager, UTS Insearch, says, “Understanding character strengths and developing 21st Century skills – such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity – will give these students a head-start in a rapidly changing world. As professionals of the future, they will need to remain flexible and agile and we’re keen to help them consider how technology will help transform their future careers,” says Ms Tran.

Directors of Studies Summit for UTS English language programs
A two-day Directors of Studies Summit for UTS English language programs is also taking place over 6-7 November. This event, hosted at the Rex Hotel examines the latest developments in English language teaching, student-centred curriculum and the use of new technologies for enhanced learning.
The Summit will also showcase LMS-CANVAS, the new online learning management system used with great success by UTS Insearch.
“UTS Insearch is an experienced leader in transnational education, offering courses developed in Australia which align to the UTS curriculum to ensure a smooth transition to UTS for future students, at undergraduate or postgraduate level,” says Mr Harris.

Staff Development Forum
The third event, running 3-4 November, is the Sales, Marketing and Recruitment Staff Development Forum. This transnational professional development gathering will focus on keeping team members up-to-date on the needs of current and future students, communication and marketing best-practice, course information and general course positioning.

About UTS and UTS Insearch
The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is Australia’s number one young university – a dynamic and innovative university based in the heart of Sydney, which is ranked 140th globally under QS World University Rankings 2020.
Many students from Vietnam choose to go to UTS by enrolling at UTS Insearch in Sydney or ACET in Vietnam, where they can perfect their formal academic English, become confident communicators in English, and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success.
Students can select from a range of academic diploma programs at UTS Insearch and fast-track into their second year of study at UTS, depending on their grades and the course chosen. UTS Insearch also offers UTS Foundation Studies as a year 12-equivlent program.
UTS has MOUs and close ties with more than 15 universities and partners in Vietnam, and a strong research presence through two joint research centres with the Faculty of Engineering and IT - the UTS-VNU Joint Technology and Innovation Research Centre in Hanoi, and the UTS-HCMC University of Technology Joint Technology and Innovation Research Centre in Ho Chi Minh City.

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