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Khoa học xã hội: Từ vựng và bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 - Topic Warnings Not Punishment FfWzt02
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Khoa học xã hội: Từ vựng và bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 - Topic Warnings Not Punishment FfWzt02


20.12.21 13:17



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Sample Writing

Question: In many situations, people who break the law should be warned instead of punished. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Some feel that law-breakers ought to be entitled to a warning instead of strict sanctions. I largely disagree with this sentiment as punishment is crucial for society at large.
Those who argue in favor of warnings claim that incarceration encourages cycle of criminal behavior. For example, if an individual is arrested for a low-level narcotics offense, there is a strong chance the incident will become part of their permanent record. This then makes it more difficult to apply for jobs or seek higher education. If the perpetrator in question also spends time in prison as a result, they may have made connections among the prisoner population. All these factors combine to increase the likelihood of committing crimes in the future since other avenues have become restricted. If the offense is insignificant, the punishment appears to do more harm than good.
Though the policy detailed above is logical for very minor infractions, punishment is needed for most crimes. The various justifications for punishment typically include deterrencerehabilitation, public safety and justice itself. Of these, deterrence is the most often cited and effective. Most potential criminals do not commit crimes because they are aware of the punishments and this ensures minimum degree of public safety. If a person knew they would only receive a warning for a more serious infraction, then there would almost undoubtedly be more crime. Even in the case of negligible offenses, stronger punishments that are not part of one’s permanent record would better curb future criminality.
In conclusion, though warnings may be preferable for certain minor crimes, the principle of deterrence justifies punishment. If a system of warnings were combined with other measures, such as improved education and mental health support, this reform would be more feasible.


  • law-breakers criminals
  • ought to should
  • entitled deserve to have
  • warning caution, not a formal punishment
  • strict sanctions severe punishments
  • largely mostly
  • sentiment belief
  • punishment sanction
  • crucial important
  • society at large the public generally
  • argue claim
  • in favor of supporting
  • claim argue
  • incarceration being in prison
  • encourages motivates
  • cycle of criminal behavior people continuing to commit crimes
  • arrested put in prison
  • low-level narcotics offense small crime related to drugs
  • strong chance very likely
  • incident example
  • permanent record criminal files

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