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Khoa học xã hội: Sample IELTS Writing Task 2 - Topic Pandemic (dịch bệnh) FfWzt02
Diễn đàn Tuổi trẻ Việt Nam | 2TVN Forum
Khoa học xã hội: Sample IELTS Writing Task 2 - Topic Pandemic (dịch bệnh) FfWzt02


21.12.21 10:27



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Sample IELTS Writing Task 2 - Topic Pandemic (dịch bệnh)

Question: Despite better living standard and advanced health care system, humans still face lots of deaths due to dangerous diseases like cancer, or corona virus. What do you think are the causes and what measures could be taken to tackle the problem?
Thanks to medical advancements and the improvement in life quality, a wide range of diseases have been treated, yet it has to be admitted that some life-threatening ones still exist and result in millions of deaths annually. This practice stems from several reasons, which require corresponding measures to mitigate.
There are some grounds for accounting for the prevalence of deaths caused by serious illnesses. The first reason is that vaccination seems to be out of many people’s reach. Vaccination is arguably one of the most cost-effective and feasible methods of preventing diseases and reducing casualties. In other words, vaccine hesitancy threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases. Another reason is associated with weak primary health care. This health care system is usually the first point of contacting diseased people, so ideally it should provide them with comprehensive, affordable, community-based care in the first place. If people fail to approach adequate primary health care facilities, their health may already be at risk of death before hospitalization and emergency services are required.
Since the menace of fatal diseases is evident, some remedies should be taken into account to ease the problem. An effective vaccine and successful vaccination of populations around the globe can be viewed as the first and paramount strategy. All governments should facilitate licensed medical and vaccine manufacturers so that they can scale production and have vaccine doses ready as quickly as possible so as to ensure that vaccines go first to where they are most effective in ending deadly pandemics like COVID 19. In addition to expanding vaccination programs, primary care systems must be strengthened for the sake of the population in the long run. The dearth or insufficient medical conditions of these systems deter people from seeking early diagnosis and treatment at the very moment they need it most. If the systems are enhanced, this can help to spot potentially serious health risks early on, saving patients’ life accordingly.
In short, the insufficiency of vaccine coverage and the undivided attention to primary health care are some of the foremost reasons for lethal diseases. However, if governments implement the aforementioned measures, this practice could be kept relatively under control.


  • medical advancements: Tiến bộ y tế
  • life-threatening: đe dọa tính mạng
  • stems from: bắt nguồn từ
  • corresponding measures: giải pháp tương ứng
  • prevalence: sự phổ biến
  • out of many people’s reach: ngoài tầm với
  • casualties: tử vong
  • vaccine hesitancy: sự do dự/hạn chế vacxin
  • vaccine-preventable diseases: bệnh có thể ngăn ngừa bằng vacxin
  • diseased people: người bệnh
  • community-based care: chăm sóc tại cộng đồng
  • menace: sự nguy hiểm
  • fatal diseases/ lethal diseases: bệnh chết người
  • ease (v): làm nhẹ/ giảm thiểu
  • paramount: vital
  • licensed medical and vaccine manufacturers: nhà sản xuất y tế, vacxin được cấp phép
  • deadly pandemics: đại dịch chết người
  • for the sake of: vì lợi ích của
  • dearth: sự thiếu
  • deter (v): ngăn chặn/ hạn chế
  • early diagnosis and treatment: chẩn đoán và điều trị sớm
  • spot potentially serious health risks: phát hiện nguy cơ bệnh nguy hiểm
  • vaccine coverage: phủ vacxin
  • aforementioned (adj) đề cập ở trên

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